Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine Team at ERH

Matthew Helleckson, DPT & ATC

  • Doctorate in Physical Therapy
  • Athletic Trainer

Theresa Aversano, MSPT

  • Director of Rehabilitation Services

Dr. Mikhail Itingen, DO

  • General & Pediatric Orthopedics
  • Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon

Ellenville Regional Hospital is now offering an amazing service for athletes in the Hudson Valley Area. Starting in August we will be holding a Recovery Clinic!

Imagine an injured athlete being seen by a Dr., imaging performed, and beginning rehab with a sport specific focus all within a week of their injury!
This promotes a quicker return to play and prevents injured athletes from worsening their condition and missing more of their season.

What is a recovery clinic? - Click Here for our recovery clinic flyer! 

Recovery is vital to sports participation. Giving your body the tools and time to recuperate for the following week helps maintain optimum performance and prevent injuries.

When is the recovery clinic offered?

The recovery clinic will be offered starting Sunday August 25th and will continue every Sunday from 10am to 12pm throughout the school year!

Where is the location of the Recovery Clinic?

The Recovery clinic will be located in the Rehabilitation Department of Ellenville Regional Hospital

Recovery Clinics are Free to Athletes and Involve:

  • Injury screening
  • Cryotherapy modalities
  • Electrical stimulation to help remove lactic acid
  • Hands on stretching
  • Soft tissue massage