Patient Portal

A secure connection to your health records

Ellenville Regional Hospital is now offering all our patients a secure online connection to all your medical records. YourCareCommunity is a cloud-based patient portal that allows you to view, download and transmit your patient health record data. You can access it anywhere that you have internet service, 24/7, with these time-saving benefits:

  • All your medical records and information are in one place but accessible anywhere.
  • You can decide which of your caregivers and providers can have access to your information.
  • Access to useful wellness information

You can access:

Your personal health records

  • View a wide variety of key information from your health record, such as test results, prescribed medications, vital signs, diagnoses, discharge instructions, and more.

Your Profile

  • View and change information related to you and your account, such as name, marital status, address and phone numbers, YourCareCommunity password, and more.
  • Manage notifications.
  • Add and manage patient representatives.


  • Download a variety of health-related documents.

For questions and assistance

Call (845) 647-6400 ext. 220, 231