Women’s Health

Introducing the Mildred Resnick Center for Women's Health

Comfort, convenience, and skilled diagnostics

Ellenville Regional Hospital is proud to announce the opening of the Mildred Resnick Center for Women’s Health.

The Center is dedicated to supporting women with highly accurate diagnostic testing, delivered with compassion and kindness.

We offer individual care in a comforting environment. We’re local and flexible about scheduling, so you can make your appointment for the following services when it suits your timetable:

  • Digital Mammography with CAD
  • Ultrasound

- Pelvic ultrasound to diagnose endometriosis, cysts, or cancer

- Breast ultrasound

- Obstetrical ultrasound to monitor progress of pregnancy


Bring your provider’s prescription to the Mildred Resnick Center

Monday–Friday from 8am to 4pm or call (845) 647-6400 ext. 271