Clinical Pharmacy Services

Our Pharmacy is helping to save lives,
promoting a better quality of life

There’s no doubt that today’s advanced medications save lives, improve quality of life and prevent more serious illness.  Pharmacists are on the front lines in preventive and treatment care, working with providers to select and monitor the right medication, spending time with patients to ensure medication is taken correctly, is affordable, and has minimal, manageable side effects.

Receiving awards for patient safety and clinical pharmacy

The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) grants awards to hospitals that provide exceptional care. Ellenville Regional Hospital’s Collaborative team received four HRSA awards for ERH’s Patient Safety and Clinical Pharmacy Program including one for Life Saving.

How your hospital pharmacy makes a difference in your care

  • Reviews medication orders to promote safe and effective medication use and avoid medication related to allergies, duplication, conflicts and dosing
  • Works with clinical staff to promote best choice of and dose of medication, as well as timing of medication administration for best outcome
  • Fulfills provider orders accurately and provides the medications for Nursing to administer to patients
  • Reduces unnecessary expense
  • Assists your provider in best choice of medicines
  • Educates you about what medications you are taking, why you are taking them, and encourages you to ask questions about your medications
  • Enhances safety through using ERH’s electronic medical record system.

Training new pharmacists in clinical pharmacy excellence

Pharmacy is growing as a career choice. Mike Stearns, ERH’s Director of Pharmacy, is a Faculty Preceptor for Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Students train in our pharmacy in one or more of three program tracks:

  1. IPPE, Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience in Institutional Pharmacy after their fourth year of college study,
  2. APPE, Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience in Institutional Pharmacy after their fifth year of college study, and
  3. APPE, Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience in Medication and Patient Safety after their fifth year of college study

Students learn:

  • Day to day operations of a hospital pharmacy
  • Medication safety, selection, preparation, procurement and delivery
  • Patient medication safety
  • Pharmacy related paper and electronic medical record management
  • Identifying safest and best course of action
  • Patient  interaction, assessment, and counseling
  • Patient, Staff and Provider education on Hospital formulary management
  • How to be a resource
  • Committee participation

Ask the pharmacist

We’re a small hospital and we have more time to speak to our patients. We listen to patient and family questions and concerns.  Our pharmacists enjoy a dialogue to help people understand their medications and explain how to take their medicines for the best results. Please ask questions and tell us your concerns. ERH’s Pharmacy provides services in support of our hospital’s mission, our patients and our many departments. ERH’s pharmacy is open Monday through Friday and when the pharmacy is closed a pharmacist is available by phone for consultation. The pharmacist also has remote access to the electronic medical record system and reviews all medication orders within 24 hours.