Financial Assistance Program

Financial Assistance Program

Ellenville Regional Hospital is committed to patient care as well as serving the community.  Our Financial Assistance program, which is available to patients who are uninsured/underinsured with limited income, allows us to provide our award-winning care at reduced rates, up to 100% free of charge.  This reduction is determined by income and the size of your family.

Everyone in New York State who receives medically necessary services may be covered under this program.  Please note that some physicians may bill separately from the hospital and may not be covered under the program.

While we provide all of our Financial Assistance documentation on our website, including our policy & procedure, application and an easy to understand plan language summary of the program, you may also reach out to us at 845.647.6400 to request the information be mailed to you free of charge.  You can also ask to speak with our Financial Assistance Counselor if you have any additional questions.

We would much rather you apply for the help you need, rather than turn your bills over to a collection agency.  Even if you work or own a home or car, you may still qualify for financial assistance.


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