In an emergency call 911
ERH Emergency Department 845-647-6400 ext. 264


ERH award-winning Emergency Department:
when every second counts.

When it’s an emergency, the clock is ticking and your mind is racing. How long until we are seen? How long until we know what’s wrong? How long until the pain is relieved?

Winning national recognition for our Emergency Department turnaround time

At Ellenville Regional Hospital Emergency (ED) we understand how hard it is to wait for care, for diagnosis, and for treatment of someone we love. We’ve won a national award from Amerinet for our ED Turnaround Time in 2012 and another in 2010  from the Northern Metropolitan Hospital Association. These awards are not just for speed but for how quickly we respond, how quickly we stabilize our patients and how quickly we get you on the road to treatment and recovery.  Naturally, we triage patients according to how sick they are, so the most acutely ill are always treated first.

Life-saving quality of patient care

Ellenville ED has a national reputation for the quality of our treatment as well as the speed. (We won a HRSA award for Life-saving Patient Safety in 2010). Our emergency providers are trained experts, quick thinking and flexible. Less seriously ill patients are treated or admitted to Ellenville Hospital. More acutely ill patients are stabilized and transferred, by helicopter if required, to another hospital in the region that is most appropriate for the specific needs of the patient. Language is never a barrier as we can call on the Language Interpretation Service 24/7.

Our Emergency Department staff is deeply committed to the work we do. Step into the waiting room and you’ll notice, as many people do, that it’s “so clean, so friendly, it  doesn’t smell like a hospital,” “it’s not intimidating” and “they treat you like a family.” We don't want you to have to face an emergency, but we want to help you if you do.


Testimonial from Emergency Department Patient

"Last night, my almost 2 year old son fell and split his face open...It looked awful, and I was so scared... we rushed to the ER. We were taken back immediately when we came in.  Todd Jones as well as the nurse that took care of us, were absolutely wonderful. They treated Zander with kindness as if he was their own child, and the nurse distracted him with bubbles while the doctor placed the glue to close the laceration. I couldn’t have asked for more prompt and loving care for the most important little person in my life." -  Megan Markle

Dr. Patel and patient