Smallest Teaching Hospital

New York's smallest teaching hospital: Ellenville Regional Hospital

When you look at our size, you might be surprised to know that we train Doctors, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, Pharmacists, Paramedics, Phlebotomists, Radiology Technologists, Ultrasound Technicians, Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants here. We believe it is an important aspect of our community service to educate the next generation of medical providers and caregivers.

The advantage to our patients

  • Education brings a higher standard of care with unique exchanges of ideas
  • New therapies are available first at teaching hospitals
  • Leading edge, state-of-the art treatments are available to you right in your own community
  • Teaching teams provide dynamic solutions
  • Top notch providers treat patients and teach, too

Training program affiliations

  • Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Services has two divisions that train at ERH:
    • IPPE, Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience
    • APPE, Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience
  • Mount Sinai medical students train at ERH
  • Orange County Community College Physician Assistants and Radiology Technologists complete clinical rotations at ERH
  • Rockland County Community College Paramedic students train at ERH
  • Sage College Physical Therapy students complete their clinical rotations at ERH
  • Ulster and Sullivan County Community College Nursing School students attend their clinical rotations at ERH