A culture of quality improvement and patient-centered care

Putting patients first – ensuring their care is centered on the individual, rooted in best practices and utilizing evidence-based medicine – is a priority for ERH. It’s what guides the actions and decisions of nurses, providers and all other staff including Leadership and Board of Trustees every day. ERH is committed to improving and aggressively addressing quality and patient safety concerns. We are engaged in a variety of initiatives, all of which lead to better, safer care. We strive to provide excellent and safe care while seeking to avoid adverse unintended consequences. To foster such policies, the ERH’s efforts are focused on the following:

We believe

  • that the highest levels of healthcare quality and patient safety are achievable
  • that it is our responsibility as professionals to assure accuracy and transparency in identifying and reporting progress with healthcare quality and patient safety goals

ERH’s Performance Improvement and Patient Safety Plan is a description of the organizational, multidisciplinary, and systematic performance improvement function designed to support the Mission, Values, and Philosophy. We systematically approach improving and sustaining performance through the prioritization, design, implementation, monitoring, and analysis of performance improvement initiatives.

Quality never quits

ERH’s Performance Improvement and Safety Initiative is an ongoing program that demonstrates measurable improvement in indicators for which there is evidence that they will improve patient outcomes, and identify and reduce medical errors. Our quality initiatives are based on Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Conditions of Participation (COPs) and the vision of the facility established expectations focusing on:

  • Providing a safe environment for patients, visitors, and staff;
  • Performing patient care services in a timely and efficient manner;
  • Participation of all staff in Performance Improvement activities;

All quality activities, with total support of ERH Leadership, utilize internal and external reference databases in an ongoing effort to design, measure, assess, and improve the organization. The needs, opinions, and perceptions of safety risks to patients, visitors, and staff as well as suggestions for improvements are also incorporated into the program.  Our approach to performance improvement is continuously assessed and revised to meet the goal of ensuring that patient outcomes are continually improved and safe patient care is provided. Examples of information utilized to achieve this goal include: medication errors and falls; infection control surveillance; sentinel event alerts; and CMS Quality Measure data, as well as, patient satisfaction reports.

Public Reporting of Quality Data

All publicly reported data is available on the Hospital Compare website, www.HospitalCompare.hhs.gov.  ERH strives to meet the Institute of Medicine’s Six Aims for Improvement – care that is safe, timely, effective, efficient, equitable and patient-centered.