Medical Executive Board

Kristina Ursitti, DO

Robert Donaldson, NP-C
Immediate Past President

Matthew A. Stupple, MD
Vice President

Walter Woodley, MD

Walter Sperling, MD
ERH Medical Director

Sushil Dhawan, MD


ERH Medical Board
Medical Executive Committee

There are no matters of greater importance to Ellenville Regional Hospital than the performance of our providers, the quality of care that our patients receive, and the adherence to the highest standards of ethics. All these issues are among the responsibilities of the Medical Executive Committee (MEC) — the executive body of the Medical Staff. The MEC represents and acts on behalf of the Medical Staff in these arenas and provides input on clinical issues that have an impact on hospital management, such as:

  • Pursuing Hospital goals
  • Meeting community needs
  • Assessing requests for additional equipment and space
  • Maintaining appropriate staffing, and more

The Medical Executive Committee receives and acts upon reports or requests from the Medical Staff Officers, the general membership of the medical staff (MD/DO/NP/PA/DPM), the Hospital Administration, the Hospital Performance Improvement Committee, liaising with these and any others with issues concerning care quality and ethics. They also explore conflicts and work to respond to challenges with the overall goal of using best practices of clinical service.

The MEC provides oversight and recommendations to the Board of Trustees in regard to the appointment or reappointment of clinical staff, how they are categorized, and delineates their clinical privileges.

Overall, the Medical Executive Committee ensures that the general membership supports the Hospital Administration and all others in retaining licenses and accreditation throughout the hospital both in their own performance and cooperation with continuing education requirements. The MEC reports to its general membership each quarter at regularly scheduled meetings.