At Ellenville Regional Hospital, our dedication to the three pillars of our mission—“Innovating, Collaborating, Providing Award-winning Care”—is transforming the lives of our patients.

Each of our successful Initiatives was developed by our management team to improve the quality of patient care, both here in our community and beyond. In 2018, president and C.E.O. of E.R.H., Steven L. Kelley conducted a statewide webinar through Healthcare Association of New York State (H.A.N.Y.S.) to present our work to all New York State hospitals. Thanks to our leadership role, other hospitals across our state are now replicating our programs.


Since implementing the athenaOne system of Electronic Medical Recordkeeping (E.M.R.) in February 2017, E.R.H. has streamlined all aspects of the hospital’s workflow—and created an important partnership in the process: E.R.H. now assists athenahealth with ongoing development of the company’s innovative cloud-based network system by serving as a beta site for software system improvements. More than 20 hospitals have visited E.R.H. to see the athenaOne system in operation before selecting it for their own use. E.R.H. is helping to set the standard for patient-centered quality healthcare—close to home, right here in Ellenville, as well as nationwide. Read more here…


Our country is in the throes of an opioid epidemic, and our Opioid Use Reduction Initiative has received statewide and national recognition for its benefits to both patients and our community. The new program we developed to help manage chronic pain for frequent Emergency Department patients has dramatically reduced the number of E.D. visits and decreased the need for pain medications and hospital admissions. As you’ll see from Jane’s story, this Initiative also improves the quality—and safety—of our patients’ lives by linking them to a vital network of agencies and services available to address their mental health, housing, transportation, nutrition and other needs. Read more here…

Award-Winning Care

We implemented the Barthel Index of 10 Activities of Daily Living to assess patients in our Swing Bed Unit upon both admission and discharge. While undergoing rehabilitation, patients like John receive weekly physical and occupational therapy re-evaluations. In one year’s time, our Barthel Index assessments showed a 13% improvement in patient functioning and, in 2016, we had an 80.2% return-to-home rate overall. The Barthel Index assessments and our multidisciplinary programming have significantly increased patient safety upon returning home. Our Swing Bed Patient Care program is now established as a statewide model: Due to our leadership, the Barthel Index is being used by eight out of 18 New York Critical Access hospitals. Read more here…

Won’t You Lend Your Support to Our Vital Initiatives?

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