Working to make Ellenville Regional Hospital the best small hospital in America

At Ellenville Regional Hospital we set ourselves very high goals. The exciting part for us is that we’re meeting them. Using innovative techniques, assembling a brilliant staff and collaborating with exceptional partners, we have transformed a small hospital into a big success story.

What makes ERH different?

What sets us apart first of all is our location. We are conveniently and centrally positioned in an area that has both a significant year-round population and a large influx of summer residents. All of these people, our neighbors and friends, benefit from our absolute commitment to providing consistently excellent quality of care and a warm and comforting experience for our patients and their families.

A culture of clinical excellence

Ellenville Regional Hospital provides award-winning treatment, leading edge diagnostic equipment, clinical pharmacy services, and staff who offer the most up-to-date training - because we are a teaching hospital  - and because we have specialist providers available who our patients can access here on our campus, saving at least a 30 mile journey in many cases.

A unique patient experience

The ERH patient experience is quite unlike most other hospitals, large or small. Staff are passionate about healing, helping and caring. Our facilities are state of the art. Our ability to respond and save lives is amongst the finest in the state. We love what we do, practice what we preach, and work exceptionally well as a team. When you need us, we’re here for you 24/7, and we are proud to serve as your hospital family.

ERH 2016-2018 Community Service Plan


2016 Ulster County Community Health Needs Assessment Survey

NYS 2016-18 Ulster County Community Health Assessment and Community Health Improvment Plan

 ERH is now a SEFA-approved Organization

sefalogonewSEFA is the State Employees Federated Appeal (SEFA). SEFA is a charitable solicitation of New York state employees conducted under the authority of State Finance Law § 201-1. State employees may give to any of the charitable organizations that participate in SEFA and may at any time revoke or modify a contribution made through payroll deduction by providing a written request to the employee’s payroll office.

Under the authority of State Finance Law § 201-1 the Commissioner of the Office of General Services has adopted regulations to provide a uniform, effective and efficient policy for solicitation of charitable contributions. The SEFA regulations are published at 9 NYCRR Part 335.

The Commissioner of General Services approves one charitable campaign for each county or group of counties, to be known collectively as the State Employees Federated Appeal (SEFA). The Commissioner designates one qualified charitable organization known as the Federated Community Campaign in each such county or group of counties to manage the campaign and distribute charitable contributions under the direction and guidance of a Local SEFA Committee of state employees. A Statewide SEFA Council, comprised of representatives of Local SEFA Committees, will be responsible for deciding appeals from denials by Local SEFA Committees of eligibility to participate in the campaigns and will assist, in conjunction with the Statewide SEFA Cabinet, with campaign planning, promotion, recruitment, and training of volunteers.

For more information please visit www.sefanys.org.

Our experienced mammography technologist is compassionate and skilled at making your mammogram experience diagnostically successful and free of discomfort.