Dominick Artuso, M.D. Joins Medical Staff

dominick-p-artusoEllenville Regional Hospital welcomes Dominick Artuso, M.D. as he joins the medical staff. As a Board Certified Bariatric Surgeon specializing in Gastric Band (LapBand), Dr. Artuso is a great addition to the hospital. He is the Founder of New Image Surgical Weight Loss / The Center for Bariatric Surgery. Dr. Artuso was the first surgeon in Westchester County to dedicate his entire practice solely to bariatric surgery and the medical management of obesity. He has expanded his office locations and we are very lucky to have him practicing at Ellenville Regional Hospital now as well. Dr. Artuso’s goal is to give patients the best possible medical and surgical options for treating obesity. All surgical weight loss procedures are Laparoscopic, short in recovery time, and minimally invasive.

If you have had previous weight loss surgery and are not reaching your weight loss goals, Dr. Artuso also performs corrective surgical weight loss procedures for gastric band and

Dr. Artuso says, "Obesity impacts every aspect of one's life. My team and I are passionate about being involved with every patient and seeing the best result from weight loss surgery we can provide. Weight loss surgery improves people's lives and it is very rewarding that I get to be a part of that."

Call 845-647-6400 x314 for a complimentary consultation today! Dr. Artuso will be offering his services at Ellenville Regional Hospital on Monday afternoons.