Inpatient Nursing Team Signs The Unit Manifesto

The Unit Manifesto was created by our Nursing Council as a way to convey the Unit’s mission, values and beliefs. The Unit Manifesto was signed by all members of the Inpatient team and is hanging in the Inpatient Unit.

The Unit Manifesto

  1. I will Always practice patient centered care.
  2. I will Always treat others with dignity and respect.
  3. I will Always be compassionate and understanding.
  4. I will Always be attentive to the needs of others.
  5. I will Always do the right thing.
  6. I will Always maintain a positive attitude.
  7. I will Never allow my coworkers to fall behind.
  8. I will Continue to learn and progress in my knowledge of nursing.
  9. I will Always maintain that honesty is the best policy.
  10. I will Never speak the words “this is not my job nor my patient”.

Recommended by The Unit Council.

Inpatient-Team-Sign-Manifesto Inpatient-Team-Sign-Manifesto The-Unit-Manifesto Inpatient-Team-Sign-Manifesto Inpatient-Team-Sign-Manifesto Inpatient-Team-Sign-Manifesto Inpatient-Team-and-C.E.O.-Sign-Manifesto Inpatient-Team-and-C.E.O.-Sign-Manifesto Inpatient-Team-Sign-Manifesto Inpatient-Team-Sign-Manifesto Inpatient-Team-Sign-Manifesto Inpatient-Team-Sign-Manifesto Debbie-Briggs-Signs-Manifesto Inpatient-Team-stand-with-signed-Manifesto