The Softer Mammogram

What if more women regularly received an annual breast mammogram? How many more cancers could be detected at an earlier stage? How many lives could possibly be saved? We are on a mission to help women live longer, healthier lives, all while delivering compassionate care.

The best protection is early detection, and we want to make your breast health care experience as comfortable as possible. In addition to the 3.7 seconds compression time of the new GeniusTM 3D MammographyTM Exam, we now have the MammoPad breast cushion for your extra comfort. We would like to thank the Ellenville High School Student Council for their generous donation, enabling us to buy this innovative product. The MammoPad breast cushion — often referred to as "the softer mammogram" — is a foam pad invisible to X-rays that makes a mammography exam more comfortable for patients, as well as warmer, without compromising the quality of the image.1,2 The cushion’s grip-like surface holds breast tissue in place to ensure optimal positioning as well. With the patient being more comfortable — and thus more relaxed — it makes it easier for the technologist to position her correctly, saving time and improving image accuracy.

Clinical and patient benefits offered by the MammoPad breast cushion include:

  • 50% reduction in discomfort in three out of four women.1,2
  • Proven to increase tissue acquisition.3,4

If you are 40 or older, get screened today! Call 845-647-6400 ext. 271 to make your appointment.


MammoPad Slider Image Woman's handing touching MammoPad cushion

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